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CREBUS with their partners is involved in and offer various initiatives.

Image of Investment & Banking Solutions

Investment & Banking Solutions

CREBUS offers an integrated payment solution with accurate on-line reporting where all key stakeholders have access to the collated information for accurate decision-making. Read more...

Image of Integrated Development Solutions

Integrated Development Solutions

CREBUS develops turnkey concession development solutions in conjunction with its funding partners through which commercial, estate and infrastructure projects are managed. Solutions includes new building technology that allows rapid human settlement development. Read more...

Image of Food Security Solutions

Food Security Solutions

CREBUS developed an integrated food security solution covering the total value chain and is based on sound business and risk management principles and practices. Employing the latest technology, financial systems and knowledge management. Read more...

Image of Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

CREBUS is involved in the renewable energy space offering turnkey solutions in conjunction with our partners. This includes alternative energy solutions such as solar, wind and energy storage. Read more...

Image of Water Solutions

Water Solutions

CREBUS offers an alternative chemical free method for water treatment solutions. Water treatment solutions includes desalination, municipal water, acid mine drainage, agricultural water, potable water and wastewater. Read more...

Image of Training & Development Solutions

Training & Development Solutions

CREBUS partnered with Virtual Integrated Academy (VIA) to support all our training and development needs. The VIA platform hosts online self-paced learning programmes designed for organisations, groups or individuals that require knowledge and skills in their personal development programmes. Contact us for more information...

Image of Safety & Security

Safety & Security

In South Africa, farmers and farming communities have increasingly become soft targets for criminals. There are various factors that are adding to vulnerability that should be considered. Safety of personnel and protection of property, people and the environment are therefore of paramount importance to the successful implementation of the business plans of farms. Read more...

Image of Food Processing

Food Processing

Farmers worldwide are searching for new options of surviving, as well as expanding their business. One of the many opportunities to grow markets, turnover and profits, is by adding value to farm produce through further processing. Most value-added food products available to consumers have been processed in some way or other, even if the processing is... Read more...

Image of Agriculture Projects

Agriculture Projects

CREBUS and Partners are involved with soliciting funding and implementation of various food security projects including indoor urban farming, vertical hydroponics, aquaponics, intensive livestock, food processing and marketing via a world class trading platform. Project history covers Landbank Retail Emerging Market (REM) program... Read more...

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