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"It is indeed one of the great inspiring stories that this country can one day look back and be proud of."

"CREBUS brings solutions that have a holistic approach thus making sure that all parties achieve success." - Ferdie Mocke

CREBUS works with South Africa’s industry preferred company in offering complete water treatment solutions.

A South African invented, internationally patented, environmentally friendly, electronic water treatment system called the HYDROTRON that treats any water ranging from:

Water treatment solution brought to you by CREBUS

Direct Oxidation

Electro Molecular Activated Water Systems (EMAWS)

EMAWS have been developed over many years of research into alternative chemical free methods of water treatment. The Technology is a leap forward over existing systems. The technology is based on complex control of Direct Oxidation and Magnetic Ballast Clarification over a wide range of contaminants, bacteria, pathogens, E.coli and waterborne diseases. 

Disinfection and clarification take place simultaneously without the need of expensive, recurring costs as per conventional Treatment plants. The equipment can be retrofitted to existing plants or mobile Containerised units can be located to sites. Footprint is compact and versatile. Beneficial to the system are the elimination of harmful chemicals to the consumer and environment. 

The following components, patented worldwide by us, form our core technology, allowing us to stay ahead of competitors. Units are modular in construction; modules can be added as demand increases without interruption of water supply.

Process Control

Due to the versatility and reliability of these units they can be totally automated and remotely controlled from a central monitoring point.

Operating data and water quality via sensors in the system can be relayed in real time ensuring quality water delivery to the consumer. 

These units can operate 24/7 and are not reliant on chemical feeds which can cause interrupted water supply due to delivery problems / logistics.

EMADO - "The one that does it all and a whole lot more!"

Electro Molecular Activated Direct Oxidation (EMADO)

The following reactions take place in the cells:

  • Electrolysis
  • Ultrasonic pressure wave
  • Dipole orientation of water molecule
  • Direct Oxidation
  • Electrocoagulation

These reactions occurring simultaneously causes total elimination of bacteria, viruses. The process has no moving components bar the pumps, is self-adjusting and compensates for water flow automatically, and remains effective under varying conditions.

Electro Molecular Activated Clarification (EMAC)

Clarification by magnetic seeding and separation principles have been commercially available to treat water for many years. The clarification process uses the magnetic qualities of Magnetite to remove colour and other pollutants from water. In activating the material and enhancing the electro coagulation properties of Magnetite, a composite particle is formed that is easily removed from the water.

The spent material settles out by design in the Clarifier and is regenerated for reuse. This is a continuous process which eliminates the need for periodic back washing as required by other systems, with the following advantages:

  • Minimal power consumption
  • Denser sludge concentrate compared to other clarifier systems
  • Stand-alone installation or combined with other systems
  • No moving components
  • Self-monitoring

Electro Magnetic Activated Disinfection (EMAD)

Electro Magnetic Activated Disinfection is the processing of brine via an electrolytic reaction in a specialised diagrammatic reactor yielding a potent yet environmentally friendly Biocide (Anolyte) that replaces acids, chlorines and peroxides. Consists predominantly of Hypochlorous acid (HoCL). Applied to potable water for distribution it outperforms traditional chlorine.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Pathogens - Legionella
  • Hormones - Salmonella
  • Bacteria - Campylobacter jejuni
  • E.coli - Cyanide (Acid Mine Drainage)


  • No Chemicals or Residue
  • Complete Sterilization
  • Removes all Heavy Metals
  • Improved Flocculation
  • Improved Monitoring Systems
  • Simple & Rapid Installation
  • Reduced Colour & Odour
  • Cost Effective & Economical
  • No Side Effects
  • No Pathogens
  • Better Quality Water
  • Low Electrical Consumption (Solar Options Available)



  • Compliance to effluent discharge standards
  • Environmentally friendly, non- toxic and bio-degradable
  • Reduces colony forming bacteria and pathogens
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Vastly increases the capacity of any wastewater plant
  • Sanitised Water
  • Rapid flocculation
  • Rapid Sedimentation
  • Removal of treated sludge
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced process control requirements


  • Reduced operational costs: chemicals & power
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Can be retro-fitted into existing treatment infrastructure
  • Limited civil works
  • Lower electrical consumption
  • Fast implementation

Tested Industries

EMAWS had been successfully tested in the following industries:

  • Potable
  • Waste
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture (CSIR Report)
  • Food Processing (Elimination of Listeria bacteria at Enterprise)
  • Ballast Water
  • Oil Industry


  • This unique water treatment solution provides leading edge technology in the treatment of water.
  • The design, construction and operational expertise, as well as our technical know-how enable us to provide end to end solution to our clients.
  • Research into the potential of the “Direct Oxidation” system is on-going, with additional applications in the field of phosphate removal, nitrate removal and desalination of saline water.
  • Our company offers unparalleled water treatment optimization, savings and exceptional customer services into the global water markets.

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