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"It is indeed one of the great inspiring stories that this country can one day look back and be proud of."

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Farmers worldwide are searching for new options of surviving, as well as expanding their business. One of the many opportunities to grow markets, turnover and profits, is by adding value to farm produce through further processing. Most value-added food products available to consumers have been processed in some way or other, even if the processing is as simple as cleaning produce before it is packed in plastic or net bags.

Solutions brought to you by CREBUS

CREBUS and our partners offer two types of processing methods:

  • Primary Processing: this type of processing includes the simplest of processes such as washing, peeling, chopping, ageing, the milling of wheat for flour production, and the processing of sugarcane;
  • Secondary Processing: this type of processing involves the conversion of primary processed products into more complex food products and includes procedures such as mixing, depositing, layering, extruding, drying, fortifying, fermentation, pasteurization, clarification, heating etc.

For this type of processing, complete micro-factories inside shipping containers can be produced. These factories are equipped with the most durable and trustworthy equipment to ensure that they can withstand the harsh conditions and challenges of the African continent. The micro-factories are built in South Africa and can be shipped to all countries on the African continent.

Micro-factories inside shipping containers is the ultimate solution for processing of raw materials in rural areas. It can be built for:

  • Beverage bottling;
  • Fruit and vegetable drying and packaging; 
  • Fruit juice making and bottling;
  • Fruit Winery and bottling;
  • Milk Pasteurization and bottling;
  • Mineral Water purification and bottling;
  • Olive- / oil making and bottling;
  • Palm oil Biodiesel making and Fuel filling station.

Container Canned Processing

Container Canned Processing have many advantages.

  • Saves considerably on construction compared to building a food safe space of similar size;
  • The food safe space will make accreditation easier and open marketing opportunities, even abroad;
  • Are neat, modern and aesthetically attractive. This do not only create wealth but also contribute to the healing of self-worth of the communities they serve;
  • Sets a new standard of quality excellence and inspires communities to become part of something smart;
  • Are mobile should the future demand a change of position;
  • Offer benchmark rural processing and packaging and offer easier solutions in far-away places;
  • Offer satellite solutions for prelim processing;
  • Are modular and can easily be up-scaled according to need;
  • Are safe spaces for the people to learn and can also be used as training facilities for processing;
  • Environment stimulates entrepreneurial thinking.

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