Agriculture Projects

"It is indeed one of the great inspiring stories that this country can one day look back and be proud of."

"CREBUS brings solutions that have a holistic approach thus making sure that all parties achieve success." - Ferdie Mocke

CREBUS and its partners are involved with soliciting funding and implementation of various food security projects including indoor urban farming, vertical hydroponics, aquaponics, intensive livestock, food processing and marketing via a world class trading platform.

Project history - CREBUS

Previous projects covered:

  • Agri Resource Centres: Integrated Agri-Preneurs support in planning, management and administration of agricultural programmes aimed at specific market segments.
  • CREBUS Agricultural Academy of South Africa (CAASA): Integrated academic and practical skills development on productive agricultural business units where learning makes profits a reality.
  • Johannesburg projects
  • The 2013 Landbank Retail Emerging Market (REM) program comprised of the following:

    79 farmers from 5 constituencies (Ditsobotla, Mahikeng, Ratlou, Mooifontein and Tswaing), were scheduled to plant 13,000 ha of sunflower. Due to a severe drought the plantings were limited based on conserved soil moisture content to 3,598 ha sunflower among 13 farmers.

    One on one training sessions were presented on a continuous base.

    Farmers on the program were divided into two groups:

> Those with own tractors and equipment (production);

> Those without tractors and equipment (contractor).

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