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Energy has always been essential to produce food. Prior to the industrial revolution, the primary energy input for agriculture was the sun; photosynthesis enabled plants to grow, and plants served as food for livestock, which provided fertilizer (manure) and muscle power for farming.

However, as a result of the industrialisation and consolidation of agriculture, food production has become increasingly dependent on energy derived from fossil fuels, mainly electricity and diesel.  

Renewable energy and farming are a winning combination. Wind, solar, and biomass energy can be harvested forever, providing farmers with a long-term source of income. Renewable energy can be used either to replace other fuels or sold as a “cash crop”. 

Energy solutions brought to you by CREBUS


CREBUS partnered with an engineering consulting company with more than 50 years of combined expertise in energy and energy efficiency, water and waste project development, implementation and optimization. They have an extensive network of partner and associate companies and individuals (locally and abroad), with excellent skills in the engineering, legal and financial fields that can be consulted on projects should additional resources be required.

A holistic approach is followed to determine the client’s needs via energy audits and surveys to understand their business from an operational and energy demand and supply perspective. We then propose viable and sustainable solutions derived via techno economic modelling and analysis to be implemented. Where solutions are not commercially available, they initiate research and development projects to achieve the identified shortcomings.

Our partner specialises in developing integrated energy and energy efficiency solutions to ensure that clients can continue operating during energy constraint times and also operate more efficiently. They have the skills to design and implement projects within cost and schedule and can also do the subsequent operation and maintenance of these facilities, while monitoring the performance to continuously identify optimization opportunities for the clients.

They also have the expertise to assist clients to become more independent of the national grid or generate electricity more efficiently. In association with other key partners, they also have extensive experience in the project development and execution (owners engineering, design, fund raising, construction and subsequent operation and maintenance) for a variety of power plants.

Integrated energy and energy efficiency solutions offering includes the following:

  • Asset verification, management and optimisation to optimise asset use and associated maintenance planning and execution;
  • Energy (and water) demand profiling and audits – efficiency solutions design and implementation for electrical applications;
  • Energy supply evaluation for own generation options via renewables i.e. solar PV and energy storage;
  • Energy/Power generation solutions.


Integrated Energy efficiency solutions for electrical applications that include:

  • Lighting retrofits with LED lights; 
  • Hot water supply systems optimization via heat pumps and associated technology;
  • Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system optimization;
  • Pumping and water reticulation and distribution systems;
  • Industrial equipment optimization;
  • Process optimisation and control;
  • Time of use tariff optimization;
  • Power quality and power factor correction;
  • Billing verification and optimization;
  • Human behavioural change management and implementation;
  • Operation and maintenance of installed solutions.

Energy supply evaluation and implementation for own power generation:

  • Renewable energy mainly focussing on solar PV integrated battery solutions;
  • Hybrid plants and Smart grids;
  • Thermal energy solutions via solar/waste heat recovery etc.

Target markets include:

  • Commercial and industrial buildings;
  • Industrial process clients;
  • Mining operations;
  • Agriculture and Agro-processing.

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