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"It is indeed one of the great inspiring stories that this country can one day look back and be proud of."

"CREBUS brings solutions that have a holistic approach thus making sure that all parties achieve success." - Ferdie Mocke

CREBUS works with Africa’s Largest Automated Clearing House and an International Banking Group in offering a complete banking and payment solution.

Solutions brought to you by CREBUS

Bank Account and Cards

CREBUS as intermediary offer Visa or MasterCard branded debit cards under terms & conditions governed by a co-branding agreement entered into between the intermediary and the Bank. The intermediary is responsible for the enrolment, marketing, and client care of their card holders.

Transaction Management

The transaction management service incorporates the entire EFT and non-EFT transactions suites, allowing merchants to be able to accept a range of payment tokens and banks to acquire those payment tokens. This encompasses the conventional mag-stripe cards powered by MasterCard or Visa. Full Bank account with internet, mobile and ATM functionality.

Point of Sale Devices

CREBUS supplies the data and POS devices to merchants on a monthly rental agreement. CREBUS invests in the purchase of these devices and spread the cost over a period of two years. Critical in the industry is the recognition that a POS device can be used to conduct a range of transactions over and above the traditional credit card transactions with which most are familiar.

Debit Order Processing 

Is a bulk collection processing system aimed predominantly at the Large Corporate Client, although many other industries are also finding this service useful; the major benefit being to reduce the risk of non-payment. The system caters for debit order requests up to R5 000.00, facilitating randomised preferential collections within the banking systems. The reason this system is known as “early” is that these collections are processed prior to the conventional EFT debits by the banks, thereby allowing for a better chance of payment fulfilment.

Financial Management and Control

Investors and or funders, both from government and or private sector can engage in this secure and trustworthy agricultural development value chain aimed at food security. Implementation of an integrated payment system. Each farmer, suppliers and off taker will be part of this system and will be trained on the effective use of the system that streamline transaction processing and reporting. Spending of loans and investment money controlled through wallets linked to business plan ensure that money is spend on what was planned for in the business plans. Accurate on-line reporting. All key stakeholders will have day-to-day access to the collated information empowering and facilitate accurate decision-making.

Operational Roll-Out

CREBUS together with its partners will manage the entire banking roll-out and address interoperability issues with the other back office systems of NAFU.

Effective Release Management process and FICA adherence for new accounts.

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