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"It is indeed one of the great inspiring stories that this country can one day look back and be proud of."

Now Crebus brings solutions that have a holistic approach thus making sure that all parties achieve the following common objectives:

  • Address challenges regarding food security in Southern Africa;

  • Economic participation to the South African economy;

  • Growth and visibility of women and youth in the Agri-business value chain;

  • Create employment for the previously disadvantaged groups, especially women, youth and people with disability;

  • Empowerment and deployment of ex convicts in the exciting sustainable agricultural society.


  • Agri Resource Centres: Integrated Agri-Preneurs support in planning, management and administration of agricultural programmes aimed at specific market segments;

  • Crebus Agricultural Academy of South Africa (CAASA): Integrated academic and practical skills development on productive agricultural business units where learning make profits a reality;

  • Gamepreneur Programme: Sustainable Business Development to support and develop successful BBBEE “Gamepreneurs” through structured and accredited programmes;

  • Urban Food Security: Sustainable GROWTH of Businesses, Jobs, Food security and Wealth by creating “new generation” food production units in urban environment;

  • Red Meat production: Growing, producing and delivering quality red meat to international markets in proudly South African style;

  • Agri-uniti (Integrated Information and Communication system): One of the new paradigm support technologies used by Crebus SA is a Web based communications facility / platform to connect farmers, suppliers, mentors, logistics, help desks, retail outlets, information, financial reports in real-time.

For more information contact CEO Ferdie Mocke at +27 (0) 82 569 4073 or