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Food Security Solutions - "It is indeed one of the great inspiring stories that this country can one day look back and be proud of."

AZOLLA, a black woman owned company led by youth, founders of small scale farming enterprise that entered this male dominated industry a decade ago, became the majority shareholder in Crebus SA .  This exciting development marked the launch of a number of groundbreaking projects aimed to respond to an urgent need and put content to “Radical Transformation” in the agricultural sector.  It is indeed one of the great inspiring stories that this country can one day look back and be proud of.  


Now Crebus SA brings solutions that have a holistic approach thus making sure that all parties achieve the following common objectives:

  • Address challenges regarding food security in Southern Africa;

  • Economic participation to the South African economy;

  • Growth and visibility of women and youth in the Agri-business value chain;

  • Create employment for the previously disadvantaged groups, especially women, youth and people with disability;

  • Empowerment and deployment of ex convicts in the exciting sustainable agricultural society.


  • Agri Resource Centres: Integrated Agri-Preneurs support in planning, management and administration of agricultural programmes aimed at specific market segments;

  • Crebus Agricultural Academy of South Africa (CAASA): Integrated academic and practical skills development on productive agricultural business units where learning make profits a reality;

  • Gamepreneur Programme: Sustainable Business Development to support and develop successful BBBEE “Gamepreneurs” through structured and accredited programmes;

  • Urban Food Security: Sustainable GROWTH of Businesses, Jobs, Food security and Wealth by creating “new generation” food production units in urban environment;

  • Red Meat production: Growing, producing and delivering quality red meat to international markets in proudly South African style;

  • Agri-uniti (Integrated Information and Communication system): One of the new paradigm support technologies used by Crebus SA is a Web based communications facility / platform to connect farmers, suppliers, mentors, logistics, help desks, retail outlets, information, financial reports in real-time.

For more information contact CEO Ntuthu Mbiko-Motshegoa at +27 (0) 82 773 6730 or